Monday, March 31, 2014

Joy Dare - March 29-31

Today's Joy Dare Prompt:
3 Gifts of God's Promises
3 Gifts Uncovered
A Gift Heard, Held, Hoped For

My list (picking up from the last list - and often adding more than just the prompt):
845. That God never leaves us
846. That, in the end, God wins
847. That we are loved
848. Curbs and street corners when the snow melts
849. Bare arms after a winter in long sleeves
850. A nature center I never knew about
851. Birdsongs at the Nature Center
852. Little fingers
854. Mane painting at the window
855. Mane identifying birds that I can't identify
856. Seeing a coyote walk across the ice
857. Huge windows letting in the natural light at the nature center
858. The peace that comes from getting away from city scenes for a while
859. A homeschool-y book club meeting
860. Feeling respected by other homeschoolers for how far we've come on this journey
861. Realizing how well so many things *are* working in our homeschool-y world :)
862. Feeling secure enough to read someone else's schooling/parenting philosophy and NOT feel like I've failed somehow
863. Seeing the Robettes win the robotics tournament!
864. Having the tradition of attending the robotics tournament
865. Laughing with the teenagers singing to Sweet Caroline at the Robotics tournament
866. Weather that's spring-y enough to park far away and not freeze!
867. Popcorn on a Saturday night in our little kitchen
868. That we STILL have an extra bedroom with enough space for a bed! Yay!
869. Pasta with chicken and artichokes!

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