Tuesday, October 09, 2012

More Gratitudes...Including some more pinterest love...

More fun ideas from pinterest, for which I am totally, awesomely grateful:

182. Threading a string through the tails of balloons to hang them for a party:

183. Hanging photos from a light string to decorate for the same party:

184. Pumpkin Pie Smoothie for breakfast.

185. Lego Sukkah for Sukkot:

And the non-pinterest gratitudes:
186. The high school student, who volunteered in the food shelf with us at Planet Homeschool last week and scooped Mane up on the way to ballroom dance class.
187. Friends who might be joining us as homeschoolers over the next few months.
188. Beautiful fall colors.
189. Having a 10yr old who exclaims over the beautiful fall colors.
190. The pumpkin puree brought to me by a friend, which made the Pumpkin Pie Smoothie for breakfast possible this morning.
191. The same friend brought me a lamp for my living room!
192. Inexpensive guitar stands we found this weekend.
193. Mane learned to take notes while watching a science movie! I'm so proud!
194. Homeschooling is getting easier and way less stressful.
195. I found my mole recipe on Janis' facebook, and I had totally forgotten the way I was making it last winter!
196. The birds singing out the window.
197. That awesome piece of fabric that's been sitting in my closet finally found a home - as Mane's window curtain!
198. Finding solutions right here in my own house.
199. My in-law's extra car, which makes it possible for me to get somewhere while Mango is at work.