Saturday, April 12, 2014

One Thousand Gifts...

Gratitude List...The Final Countdown (Count Up?) to 1000:

972. Beautiful day for a birthday party
973. Great community meeting
974. Talking with the neighbors
975. Possibilities for positive change in the neighborhood
976. Discovering a cute coffee shop
977. Listening to the local coffee shop lady be the community communication hub/therapist/social worker...
978. Seeing the gang of homeschool girls run around together outside
979. Time to work on the Bible study blog
980. Winning Peace Coffee in a raffle
981. The descriptions on Peace Coffee labels!
982. Slideshow of neighborhood photos
983. Knowing our state rep
984. Mane getting a letter (hand delivered) from our state rep in response to a letter that she wrote with her homeschool group
985. Tamales for breakfast
986. New windshield wipers
987. Having books delivered to the library where I can most easily pick them up
988. Finding birthday gifts at one of our Three Rivers Park District parks
989. Happy greetings from my coworkers when I stop in at work
990. Sara Groves music
991. Encouraging email from a Bible study group member
992. Rain in the morning
993. The birds still tweeting and the sun still out at 7pm! Summer is coming!
994. Watching a movie about the Bermuda Triangle with Mane & Mango...just because we all thought it was fun
995. Digging into Passover studies over Shabbat candles with Mane & Mango last night
996. The Passover Haggadah from Hebrew For Christians
997. Talking over the table with Vespera, Mane & Mango about all the things we're thankful for
998. That...finally...we can be thankful for time. Mango says that time is the one thing we don't have to work to keep it going. It just happen. And, for this, we are grateful.
999. I would add to Mango's gratitude for time, my own gratitude for a God that holds all of time and our lives in continued existence, in continuous creation, even.

One Thousand. It has been a few years in coming, but here I am. One Thousand Gifts. Like drops of water. Like grains of sand. Like the leaves on the trees, the rocks on the Lake Superior shore, and the wind that fills in all the empty spaces, the gifts are continuous. 

I have learned to slow down and notice. I have learned to list gratitudes when I am most anxious and afraid.

I want to learn how better to encourage a household of gratitude, an atmosphere of thanks, a legacy of thanksgiving. We are cynics in this house, prone to melancholy and criticism. Gratitude takes practice and...more practice. So, now I am mulling over projects...things I can do, things I can touch, things I can share with others. ...stay tuned...

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Starting with 949

Gratitude List:

949. A cleared off table on the back porch
950. Bubble stuff
951. Mane reading in the cleared space on the back porch
952. Having the doors and windows open all afternoon
953. How light it is in the evening
954. The things I've learned about lashon hara this year
955. Getting excited for Passover
956. The Bible Study ladies talking about how it doesn't matter what we study. It's our group that MAKES the study.
957. Wind whistling around the car while we were stopped at a stoplight
958. Early morning phone conversation with my cousin
959. Sweet facebook message
960. Watching the little guy transfer books from one shelf to another in the sunroom
961. A quiet pool on a Tuesday afternoon
962. A green polka dot box with flowers scattered across the top - full of Mane's yarn
963. Mane making her own hashbrowns!
964. That they DID NOT start tree work in the boulevards at 7am, despite the signs saying that all cars had to be moved by then
965. Ideas for what to study in next year's homeschooling
966. Mane's love of quotes and poetry
967. Hardwood floors in this old house
968. T & J looking at the map hanging over my couch! Yay for finally hanging the map!
969. Mane working on a nature project
970. Vespera calling me for cold medicine the other night and sitting with her for a while in her little basement apartment
971. Choosing new Bible study materials

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Starting with 929

Gratitude List:

929. Sitting in the sunroom every morning this week with a cup of coffee
930. The way the trees outside the window can look like I'm not in the city when I'm squished down into the couch... :)
931. The sun coming through the aforementioned trees
932. Word games with Mane
933. More energy with the warmer weather
934. Dark, dark chocolate
935. Lunch date with my mom's best friend
936. Watching the little boy be so excited to explore a new room in my house
937. The little people so happy to be swimming!
938. The racoons in the back yard treehouse
939. Painted mugs
940. Poetry in the kitchen...even if it is a little disorganized and chaotic
941. Lime tortilla chips
942. Seeing all the new babies on facebook
943. A walk to the new coffee shop by T's house
944. A baby in a sling
945. T's soup. WHY am I always thankful for her soup...because it's SO GOOD!
946. Passover plans with friends
947. Helping Mango see the light at the end of the tunnel
948. Mango's field trip today

Friday, April 04, 2014

Starting with 915

Gratitude List continued...

915. Braids
916. Mango's help with an avatar
917. Sunshine after a mountain of snow
918. Hanging up the wall map!
919. Pinterest idea for hanging the wall map

 920. Mango recognizing that we're playing The Secret Garden on StoryNory!
921. Olives and artichokes on pizza
922. Blankets strewn about the living room
923. Spring-colored hair binders
924. Licorice dolly sitting on the arm of the green chair
925. Cleaning out the desk drawers and finding all kinds of things!
926. Mane organizing and reorganizing beads and bands and jewelry containers
927. Taking the plastic off the windows
928. Good sleep

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Joy Dare - No Promtps

Three months in, I think I'm done using prompts to post gifts. The prompts have done their job. They gave me a kick-start to revive my old gratitude list. They have gotten me into a regular habit of giving thanks. Now I'm finding that I want to skip over the prompts to get to my "real" gratitudes.'s a continuation of the list, sans prompts:

907. Homeschool projects
908. StoryNory's The Secret Garden
909. Pickles
910. Gluten free biscuits with sausages
911. Evernote
912. Christmas lights in April
913. Hashbrowns in cartons
914. Winter storm in April...I've been whining, but, let's face it, the weather is interesting in MN and always something to brag about!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Joy Dare - April 2

Today's Joy Dare Prompt:
3 Gifts White

My list (picking up from the last list - and often adding more than just the prompt):
877. Mane's eyore pajamas
878. Baby socks
879. Mannequins for photographing hats
880. Old friends at Bible Study
881. Chocolate at Bible Study!
882. Mane's 50 states book
883. Reading in the window at Nokomis library
884. Finding the book club book at exactly the library I happened to be at
885. Mane laughing over Garfield comics
886. Time to browse at the library
887. Time to workout at the Y
888. Mango puttering around with computer equipment spread out all over the house
889. Mango wearing my old headlamp
890. Facebook messages from K.
891. The way K. makes me happy for snow and living in MN
892. Turning the heat off for a while today
893. Opening the window
894. Warm almond milk
895. Funny emails
896. Mane's gratitude list
897. Lunch with friends
898. All the twins!
899, Tickets to the Guthrie
900. Salsa!
901. Dinner with the grandparents upstairs
902. Squash in the soup
903. Conversations with neighbors out on the street....which definitely means that it's spring!
904. A TV series that makes us think
905. Good theology talks with Mango
906. Audio books from the library

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Joy Dare - Round Edition

Today's Joy Dare Prompt:
3 Gifts Round

My list (picking up from the last list - and often adding more than just the prompt):
870.  Buttons!
871. The attic window
872. Enamel bowls with painted flowers
873. Balls of yarn
874. Hair binders all colorful and clipped to Mane's swimming bag
875. The green roller ball on Mango's mug
876. The dark brown of Mane's eyes