Thursday, April 10, 2014

Starting with 949

Gratitude List:

949. A cleared off table on the back porch
950. Bubble stuff
951. Mane reading in the cleared space on the back porch
952. Having the doors and windows open all afternoon
953. How light it is in the evening
954. The things I've learned about lashon hara this year
955. Getting excited for Passover
956. The Bible Study ladies talking about how it doesn't matter what we study. It's our group that MAKES the study.
957. Wind whistling around the car while we were stopped at a stoplight
958. Early morning phone conversation with my cousin
959. Sweet facebook message
960. Watching the little guy transfer books from one shelf to another in the sunroom
961. A quiet pool on a Tuesday afternoon
962. A green polka dot box with flowers scattered across the top - full of Mane's yarn
963. Mane making her own hashbrowns!
964. That they DID NOT start tree work in the boulevards at 7am, despite the signs saying that all cars had to be moved by then
965. Ideas for what to study in next year's homeschooling
966. Mane's love of quotes and poetry
967. Hardwood floors in this old house
968. T & J looking at the map hanging over my couch! Yay for finally hanging the map!
969. Mane working on a nature project
970. Vespera calling me for cold medicine the other night and sitting with her for a while in her little basement apartment
971. Choosing new Bible study materials

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