Monday, November 30, 2009


Well...November came and went. The time changed and the dark envelops us earlier in the evening now. Some days I want to laugh and some days I want to cry. Most days I do both. It's not bad, and maybe it's cleansing somehow. It's been a month to cry and laugh about anyway.

I had my appendix out November 4th after some several days of pain that I thought had to do with my ulcer. November 9th I had an endoscopy, which revealed that I do NOT have an ulcer, and the pain of the previous week was entirely related to my appendix. Most likely it's been related to my appendix for the last 4 months. I've currently been free of ulcer medication for 9 days. I had a teensy cup of coffee over the weekend. My stomach feels like a new woman, and I have loads more energy now that I'm not taking medication. Go figure.

Two of my very dear girlfriends came over the weekend after my surgery. We were supposed to be spending a weekend away, but, instead, they came here to be with me. I feel honored to have such loyal and compassionate friends. They paced themselves to my hobbling walk along the sidewalk and never complained about sleeping in the living room.

November 23rd, at almost 3 weeks post-surgery, Mango came down with an awful stomach bug, and we had a trip to the emergency room with him, too. Now, a week later, he's finally feeling ok, and he went back to work today.

In the meantime, we've sort of floated along, thanking God for our lives, crying about the things that feel overwhelming...or even the things that are beautiful and piercing.

My childbirth class ended. I learned about acupuncture. Vespera learned to trust Mango to help her write her college papers. I learned that I cannot edit papers while under the influence of whatever drugs they used to subdue me during the endoscopy. I learned to ask Novio for a little help now and then, and he learned to call me for help, too. I crocheted a doll for the first time. And I currently have a turkey in the oven...something I've only attempted once before. Mane learned to do laundry. But I think she forgot how to do any formal homeschool work. At least it's been nice enough to play outside.

Yes, it's been nice enough to play outside. And Advent has begun. This is the week for lighting the hope candle, and we are feeling deeply the hope of this season....the hope of new relationships, of renewed health, of deep friendships, and, of course, of a God who knows us, loves us, and is present with us.