Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Beginning with 376

376. Encouraging words at Bible Study
377. Time to write in the blog
378. Hashbrowns for lunch!
379. Blankets all over the living room
380. Advent candles at night
381. Finding another Anne Lamott book at the thrift store
382. Funky shop next to Savers where I can buy hair accessories for stocking stuffers
383. Swim practice is going SO WELL for Mane
384. Mane is having a great time doing her first fundraiser
385. The sun shining on the pool at the Y
386. HAVING to come to the Y three days a week for swimming
387. Kind police officers when our house alarm goes off for no apparent reason
388. Mane didn't panic about the house alarm!
389. Running into friends at the Y
390. Internet access at the Y
391. Candy from Mexico (goat milk caramel!!)
392. Sleeping under a quilt I made myself!
393. 7 years later I'm finally ready to THINK about making another quilt
394. Reconnecting with old friends
395. No staff meeting tonight for Mango
396. The scarf my sister in law made for me
397. My mom's pearl earrings
398. My gray fuzzy sweater
399. Birds outside the kitchen window
400. Loads of bird books all over the house