Sunday, May 20, 2012

Poignant Gifts

Ninety-Five. Finding other bloggers, who care about the things in my mind today. Remember my friend, Gabe, who died last summer in a car crash? The woman, who was driving drunk and hit his car, was sentenced last Friday. I found a blogger, who was talking about it today. God Walked Into This Bar. It wasn't what I expected, but it made me grateful that someone noticed, that those of us who knew him are not the only ones paying attention.

Ninety-Six. The gathering of old high school friends that we had on Saturday. What an amazing thing to see the children of the people I knew and loved in high school playing together. What a sadness that one of us was missing and never gets to experience that joy. We were grateful to be together, honoring his memory and making some new memories.

Ninety-Seven. A husband who listens to me talk well into the middle of the night, even when he never, ever gets enough sleep.

Ninety-Eight. A party where every gift was handmade.

Ninety-Nine. Mane's childish arms around me.

One Hundred. That I made it to ONE HUNDRED, and I still have so many more gifts dropping into my life every single day.

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