Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Creativity Boot Camp ~ Day 9

boot camp


I much prefer the storms, a great tantrum, a good cry, to the whining drip, drip of drizzle. Sometimes I imagine I'm in England or Scotland, and then I feel somewhat better. Then the drip, drip drizzle feels exotic, especially when I can enjoy a mug of warm tea and a good book. Still, though, I love the howling wind and a driving rain or a blinding blizzard. It feels cathartic, like something gets to unwind and release. Drizzle feels like there's something holding back, miserable and depressed. Drizzle is what we do when we're trying to keep it all together because we're too busy to let it all out. Unless we're talking about drizzling chocolate syrup over ice cream. Then drizzle is a whole other matter, a delicacy, like snowflakes, a luxury rather than a tight grip.

Which drizzle are you today?

As an aside, maybe I'm being set free from trying to finish Creativity Boot Camp. The links seem to have disappeared. So, I can't get the assignments for the remaining days. Guess this one just took me too long, huh?