Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Gifts just keep on dropping down, splashing into my soul, soaking into the dry and dreary winter places...

Sixty-Three. Newly rearranged living room...almost like buying new furniture only less expensive.

Sixty-Four. Looking back on the last year and seeing that I've learned something FINALLY about letting myself be loved and knowing what a difference it makes in my marriage to be able to do that.

Sixty-Five. Mane's cooperation after only 15 minutes of meltdown this morning over the math book.

Sixty-Six. Not melting down myself along with Mane.

Sixty-Seven. The aloe plant that is still alive, despite its bedraggled appearance. Live, little plant, LIVE.

Sixty-Eight. Duct tape (for putting the folding keyboard back together so I can still use it with my tablet!)

Sixty-Nine. Time spent reading the last Harry Potter book with Mango...in bed, sipping wine.

Seventy. The freedom to spend half the morning talking about political caucuses with Mane in order to prepare her for attending the caucus tonight.

Seventy-One. Health. I'm not sick yet. I won't get sick. I refuse to get sick!

Seventy-Two. New ring tones.

Seventy-Three. Crocheted owl. Not finished yet, but looking very cute.