Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Starting with 361

361. The five of us in the living room with guitars and sheet music, laughing and playing and singing.
362. Movie clips of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
363. The quiet of my living room in the early morning.
364. The ticking of the clock on the mantle.
365. Chanukah lights.
366. Finding out that the Judaica store is still open.
367. Realizing that Advent begins in less than a week!
368. Realizing that I really enjoy making pumpkin pie.
369. Sweet coworkers.
370. Grateful clients, despite what a long difficult day it's been for them.
371. Quick reply to a phone message yesterday.
372. Sleep, enough sleep.
373. Homemade almond milk hot cocoa.
374. Messages from my cousin on facebook.
375. Cleaned out sunroom!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Starting with 346

346. Mane getting excited about learning Spanish
347. Mane starting swim team at the Y.
348. How much more friendly that Y is than our previous gym.
349. My blood pressure is OK.
350. Seeing Vespera & Niteo today over tea at the kitchen table.
352. Staying calm in the costco craziness...maybe even enjoying seeing people getting ready for the holidays, rather than freaking out over the chaos.
353. Bubbly water with ecodrink.
354. Eyore pj's for Mane for $1 at the thrift store!
355. The book I wanted coming in sooner than expected at the library.
356. Mango's computer works! Yay!
357. My head is OK.
358. Our Thanksgiving jar is filling up!
359. Clay mug with celtic knots for drinking my not-no-coffee this afternoon.
360. Not-no-coffee. Don't ask. :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Starting with 341

341. FOUR people responding within half an hour to my email plea for someone to bring treats to Bible study this morning!

342. The gentle words of so many grace-filled Christians in my podcast stream over the last few days. I am so proud of the new voices coming out of the church and all the messages of love, grace, peace & humility finally coming from the Christian community. If you haven't heard them, I recommend:
343. So many women's voices in the larger church community!!

344. The soft yellow of the kitchen walls in the morning

345. Funny little orangutan videos on youtube

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Starting with 326

326. Chicken Chili in the crockpot

327. Egg muffins in the oven to make a week's worth of breakfasts for Mango

328. The teapot heating on the stove

329. Heating pad on a sore back

330. Sprouted wheat bread

331. Lasagna from Vespera

332. Trail mix from Great Harvest

333. People responding to my sympathy post on facebook

334. EcoDrink & bubbly water

335. Homemade candles on the counter

336. Great new/used coat for Mane at savers (spent $19 on a coat that would have been around $200 new!!)

337. A productive, though daunting doctor visit for our sweet little friend, after years of trying to figure things out

338. the Twin Cities mug

339. cell phones when you need them

340. the Bible study blog

Monday, November 11, 2013

Anne Lamott - podcasts

Since I'm sitting here with a concussion, all I can do is listen to podcasts.

Today's collection is all about Anne Lamott!

on This American Life:
Writer Anne Lamott presents an example of what we can learn from music outside of formal classes. She tells the story of an airplane trip, a song, and a small miracle.
on WAMC:
Renowned author Anne Lamott, whose latest work of non-fiction is Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers is in town this morning to speak at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy at 11 AM. We are thrilled she stopped by here first.
on NPR:
As Thanksgiving draws near, many of us are thinking about what we're thankful for — taking time to consider how best to appreciate what we have in our lives. This year, novelist and memoirist Anne Lamott has focused on using prayer to help express our thanks. Many of her books explore how individuals can transform their lives — how one moves from being troubled to feeling whole. In Lamott's case, she suffered from alcoholism and drug abuse; after hitting rock bottom, she found her faith.
on her new book Stitches: A Handbook on Meaning, Hope and Repair:
Best-selling and beloved author Anne Lamott calls life “erratic, beautiful and impossible.” There is so much that makes us happy, that is incredible and joyful in life. But sometimes, life punches us in the gut. And it hurts—a lot and for a long time. Death, illness, national tragedies—they can tear our lives apart. And it doesn’t seem fair, or right. How we deal with these moments, how we make it through—that can define us, she says.  In her new book — “Stitches”— Anne Lamott discuss how to cope with grief and hard times. Up next, On Point: Anne Lamott on dealing with the tough and the sad.
  Anne Lamott Shares Personal Wisdom in 'Plan B':
Anne Lamott is known for her quirky, opinionated and decidedly left-wing take on life. The author of nine previous books, including Hard Laughter and Operating Instructions, Lamott has earned a devoted following — especially among baby boomers — for her essays on faith and everyday life.

Starting with 301

301. A Thanksgiving jar with notes from everyone who has entered our house in the last few days...notes telling what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

302. Pumpkin Bars

303. Another good chiropractor

304. My mom's purple fleece blanket

305. Clean water

306. Not having to look at the screen when I type. (That's for my friends, who know that I'm not supposed to be online with a concussion.)

307. Houseplants

308. Mane reading historical fiction

309. Mane devouring books recommended by her history teacher

310. Mane LOVING to read, despite her reading struggles

311. Vespera stopping by

312. Vespera's kindness and grace toward all kind of different people in the world

313. The little hardware store down the street

314. New tenants, who keep the house clean!

315. New tenants, who...um...figured out how to pick the lock on their bathroom door when they got locked out. Why does the bathroom door have a lock anyway? Seems that previous tenants replaced the knob, and we didn't notice. Huh.

316. Windchimes from my parent's house...a little piece of that place that I can keep with me

317. Jars of all shapes and sizes. They just make me happy.

318. Dried apricots

319. Oatmeal on cold mornings

320. Mango's breakfasts

321. The printer is fixed...and it didn't cost anything this time.

322. My mom's recipes

323. The brand new Urgency Room (UR) where they took such good care of me Saturday night

324.  An UR that gives you a goodie bag on the way out the door?

325. Turkey casserole from my good friend that tasted like Thanksgiving!


Friday, November 08, 2013

Gratitudes - Starting with 267

267. Mane can now make her own gluten free bread!

268. Shabbat at home

269. Fun candles at an estate sale today that we'll use for Shabbat tonight

270. Mane's friend begging to spend the night next Friday!

271. It's only a concussion.

272. Teatime Tuesday

273. Soup made by a good friend!

274. The smells of autumn in my kitchen...pumpkins, sweet potatoes, apples...

275. Lots and lots of applesauce.

276. Lots and lots of fresh pumpkin

277. Mane cleaning up her own mess in the kitchen after making her own gluten free bread.

278. The same bread machine that we got at a garage sale before Mane was born STILL works!

279. A warm kitchen

280. Minneapolis Parks programs...we had so much fun over the summer at music and movies in the park

281. Mane's summer canoeing program

282. Language and culture camp - ran into some people from camp at the Y!

283. Swimming at the Y near home.

284. Fabulous swim team opportunity for Mane

285. Meeting with a great swim team coach for Mane's assessment

286. Mango's video production opportunities

287. Beautiful fall leaves like a big carpet all over the sidewalks this morning!

288. Botany lessons with Mango

289. Harry Potter while snuggled in the living room with a fire in the fireplace.

290. Mane loves to read, despite dyslexia

291. Mane hated science two days ago, but loves it today.

292. Same with writing.

293. Homemade pumpkin cheesecake

294. Homemade pumpkin pie

295. Homemade pumpkin spice frappucino

296. Pumpkin pie spice

297. Vanilla from Mexico

298. Spelling City

299. Documentaries on amazon

300. New Bible study series