Monday, November 11, 2013

Starting with 301

301. A Thanksgiving jar with notes from everyone who has entered our house in the last few days...notes telling what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

302. Pumpkin Bars

303. Another good chiropractor

304. My mom's purple fleece blanket

305. Clean water

306. Not having to look at the screen when I type. (That's for my friends, who know that I'm not supposed to be online with a concussion.)

307. Houseplants

308. Mane reading historical fiction

309. Mane devouring books recommended by her history teacher

310. Mane LOVING to read, despite her reading struggles

311. Vespera stopping by

312. Vespera's kindness and grace toward all kind of different people in the world

313. The little hardware store down the street

314. New tenants, who keep the house clean!

315. New tenants, out how to pick the lock on their bathroom door when they got locked out. Why does the bathroom door have a lock anyway? Seems that previous tenants replaced the knob, and we didn't notice. Huh.

316. Windchimes from my parent's house...a little piece of that place that I can keep with me

317. Jars of all shapes and sizes. They just make me happy.

318. Dried apricots

319. Oatmeal on cold mornings

320. Mango's breakfasts

321. The printer is fixed...and it didn't cost anything this time.

322. My mom's recipes

323. The brand new Urgency Room (UR) where they took such good care of me Saturday night

324.  An UR that gives you a goodie bag on the way out the door?

325. Turkey casserole from my good friend that tasted like Thanksgiving!


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  1. I love your lists. They make me happy to read!


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