Saturday, November 23, 2013

Starting with 346

346. Mane getting excited about learning Spanish
347. Mane starting swim team at the Y.
348. How much more friendly that Y is than our previous gym.
349. My blood pressure is OK.
350. Seeing Vespera & Niteo today over tea at the kitchen table.
352. Staying calm in the costco craziness...maybe even enjoying seeing people getting ready for the holidays, rather than freaking out over the chaos.
353. Bubbly water with ecodrink.
354. Eyore pj's for Mane for $1 at the thrift store!
355. The book I wanted coming in sooner than expected at the library.
356. Mango's computer works! Yay!
357. My head is OK.
358. Our Thanksgiving jar is filling up!
359. Clay mug with celtic knots for drinking my not-no-coffee this afternoon.
360. Not-no-coffee. Don't ask. :)

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