Sunday, March 04, 2012

Starting with 86...

My life is so full of gifts that I'll actually post TWO days in a row!

Eighty-Six. SUNSHINE!

Eighty-Seven. It was warm enough to start cleaning up the back porch and for Mane to do her math out there today!

Eighty-Eight. Mane running around outside, piling up snow with the shovel & pulling the sled. It's such a gift that she loves the yard and that she's made it her own little place.

Eighty-Nine. Good tenants.

Ninety. Getting to follow the Iditarod on-line, even though it's happening in Alaska. It's amazing the lessons we've learned over the years about people and strength and character by following this amazing race. It's amazing what pushing themselves to the limit does for people, and its inspiring to think of the ways in which we might challenge ourselves, push ourselves to the limit, too.

Nintey-One. I'm glad I have a car and also that biking season seems to be just around the corner.

Ninety-Two. Did I mention the sunshine? I feel SO GOOD today!

Ninety-Three. Chocolate Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar. Sounds awful, but it's actually very, very good.

Ninety- Four. Homebirth. I got to talking with my good friend about this the other day, and I got to remembering Mane's birth and how different things would have been if she'd been born in the hospital. It was a gift that, as young as we were and with as little experience as we had, we made the choice to have Mane at home, and it all went so beautifully.

Saturday, March 03, 2012


I'm learning that if you expect your list of gifts to grow very long, you have to get specific. You cannot keep listing general things or it gets very repetitious, very fast. You have to take note of small specific things. You have to think of each day, the new and different things that happened each day...and notice the gifts...and be grateful.

Seventy-Four. Movie with the grandparents and the neighbors, all of us piled together in the living room. We watched Hugo.

Seventy-Five. Birthday cake with the neighbor's daughter at 10pm. (After the movie.)

Seventy-Six. Friends, who made us laugh, at the birthday party this afternoon.

Seventy-Seven. This amazingly magical day that Mane & her little 3yr old friend had on Friday.

Seventy-Eight. Watching Mane be unusually gracious with her other friends on Friday night.

Seventy-Nine. Leaving Mane & Vespera together for 6 hours on Thursday and knowing they'd have a great time together. Peace for me. Peace for them.

Eighty. Access to health we can get Vespera's knee fixed.

Eighty-One. My mom still has her hair. And hasn't been even a little bit sick from chemo.

Eighty-Two. Shabbat. Stopping the work, though it isn't finished, because it will never really be finished, and it is so important to just stop now & then.

Eighty-Three. Mane sleeps at night. The strange night wakings have vanished. Amazing.

Eighty-Four. Mango's warmth.

Eighty-Five. The little snowman in the back yard.