Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Starting with 929

Gratitude List:

929. Sitting in the sunroom every morning this week with a cup of coffee
930. The way the trees outside the window can look like I'm not in the city when I'm squished down into the couch... :)
931. The sun coming through the aforementioned trees
932. Word games with Mane
933. More energy with the warmer weather
934. Dark, dark chocolate
935. Lunch date with my mom's best friend
936. Watching the little boy be so excited to explore a new room in my house
937. The little people so happy to be swimming!
938. The racoons in the back yard treehouse
939. Painted mugs
940. Poetry in the kitchen...even if it is a little disorganized and chaotic
941. Lime tortilla chips
942. Seeing all the new babies on facebook
943. A walk to the new coffee shop by T's house
944. A baby in a sling
945. T's soup. WHY am I always thankful for her soup...because it's SO GOOD!
946. Passover plans with friends
947. Helping Mango see the light at the end of the tunnel
948. Mango's field trip today

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