Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Joy Dare - March 16-18

Today's Joy Dare Prompt:
3 Hard Eucharisteos
A Gift Turned, Folded, Hung
3 Gifts Red

My list (picking up from the last list - and often adding more than just the prompt):
736. Growing up
737. More snow
738. Less work, more time
739. New book pages
740. The laundry on Fridays before Shabbat
741. Photos on the wall
742. My mom's ABC Construction jacket, which Mane has been wearing
743. Frozen strawberries
744. The birdfeeder on the clothesline outside the window
745. The Riverview Theater with $2 tickets
746. Seeing Frozen with Mane last night
747. A theater packed with happy kids and parents
748. T.'s homemade pudding! YUM!
749. Pie day last Friday
750. Reading The Hobbit with Mane at night
751. Finding the owner of the lost phone
752. Conversations with the grandparents in the hallway when we happen to be coming and going at the same time
753. Silly stories of Mane's cousin
754. Lots and lots of yarn!
755. I FINALLY made two hats...the first ones since the concussion in November...finally had the inspiration and energy

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