Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Joy Dare - March 25

Today's Joy Dare Prompt:
A Gift Sung, Written, Painted

My list (picking up from the last list - and often adding more than just the prompt):
811. Dragonfire
812. Blogs!
813. The picture on my mantle that Niteo painted
814. The morning sun coming over my shoulder
815. There really is grass under there!
816. Laughter at seeing so many references to snow in the Morning Blend gratitude list!
817. Mane & J. working on a project together
818. Wind in the trees outside my window
819. Finding old music on youtube
820. The many possibilities for playing music in our house
821. Organized Harry Potter audio books
822. Clean laundry
823. The quilt I made for our bed
824. Reusable drink straws from Target
825. K.'s coffee photos on facebook...thinking of her always makes me think of my mom...in warm fuzzy ways
826. Chicken Soup With Rice - the book
827. Chicken Soup With Rice - the real thing
828. Snippets of poetry on the message board
829. Remembering how much I have loved poetry all my life
830. Remembering what it was like to find GUYS who enjoyed poetry - Mango & his brother...and, later, many others
831. An old friend coming to book club
832. Teddy looking in Mane's bedroom window (he's a dog, not a person)
833. How confused everyone was that I was laughing about someone looking in Mane's bedroom window (it was Teddy, NOT a person!!)
834. Critical Thinking warm-ups
835. Free online keyboarding lessons with student and teacher accounts

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