Saturday, January 26, 2008

Let Pleasure Find You...

This is a writing prompt from a book I got for a friend recently. It says, "Let pleasure find you. What are some of your favorite pleasures?"

So, here's my stream of consciousness order:

* Time with Mango
* Reading with Mane
* Having Vespera lay her head on me
* Getting to spend the afternoon with friends ~ I get to do that with 2 girlfriends tomorrow!!
* Phone calls from Montana
* Visits with my Montana-Friend
* Having people over to my house for the afternoon! (Thanks to my Bible study small group!)
* Finding great books at the library
* Good coffee
* Coffee shops with great ambiance
* The wind in my face
* Listening to the waves on a lake
* Walking in the woods
* Listening to good music really loud in the car
* Time to write
* Reading poetry
* Helping my kids through this complex journey of life & getting to see the results sometimes
* Knowing Vespera tells me the important things in her life
* Seeing Mane learn to read
* Sleeping next to Mango
* Hearing Mango & Vespera play guitar
* Watching soccer games
* Summer
* Camping
* Great books
* Making a meal that people enjoy
* Knowing my gluten-free bread is REALLY good
* Seeing my friends in good relationships
* Listening to Mane talk about God
* Sitting on the porch in the summer
* Mango's grilled food in the summer
* Road trips
* Knowing my family can get through a road trip together!
* E-mails from far-away friends
* A shiny teapot
* Following the Iditarod with Mane
* Learning about EVERYTHING with Mane
* Finding good book bargains
* Good deals at Savers
* Watching my kids with their friends...seeing their personalities come through, seeing how they engage with other people, and how people love them
* Listening to Spanish
* Hearing Vespera repeat a piece of advice I gave her
* Thunderstorms
* Sun-showers
* Growing a garden

...I need to head off to bed...anybody want to leave their own list in the comments? :)


  1. Here's my list:
    (Also in no particular order)
    Fire emanating from a fireplace
    A great book
    Afternoon connecting with girlfriends
    Long phone calls sorting things through with girlfriends
    Annual Spa Day
    Godiva chocolate
    My wedding web page
    Writing a great story
    Jesse's steak dinners
    Cuddling with my cats
    Fresh snow
    Feeling the wind in my face while riding a motorcycle
    Motorcycle road trips
    New places
    Caribbean beaches
    Hearing new music at the Hardy Center
    Chai tea from scratch
    Sun tea mixed with White Grape Peach juice
    Stained Glass windows
    Scent of Jasmine or Lilac candles
    Bon Jovi
    Feeling like I make a difference
    Jesse's hands
    Wrought iron
    Lazy warm summer days
    Sun roof
    My orange Vibe
    Reading on my front porch
    Dancing to old rock and country (Killer Hayseeds)
    Jim Beam and coke
    Pina coladas on the beach listening to Irish music
    Chrome on a bike
    Sliding under clean sheets
    Yellow walls
    Sharing a bottle of wine with my aunt
    Reading a book with Chase

    I think I could go on and on... but that last one, such a precious thing, is a good one to end on...

  2. Thanks for playing! Love your list!

  3. Miles'little voice, Asher's crinkly nose smile, Ryan's sense of humor, my dog's nose. the smell of coffee. the woods. friends popping in. family coming to stay for the weekend. laughing. movies. books. music. taking Miles to do something out of the ordinary and watching his wheels turn. spring rolls. bible study. eating dinner with friends. talking for hours about life and God with close friends. walks with my dad. cake. ecuador.... ah, i love thinking of good things. Thank you!

  4. You are MOST welcome! Thanks for playing, too!!

  5. so, can i get that GF bread recipe??? ;)

  6. Yes! Certainly! It's a bread machine recipe. I've modified it a lot, but it originally came from a recipe book that I think was called Gluten Free Kids. They have instructions for doing the bread without a machine, but I never tried it that way, and I don't have the instructions any more. I can look up the name of the book if you want to try to find it. The original recipe had 2 or 3 different kinds of flour & milk powder, but I find that it works GREAT just like this:

    GF Bread:

    1.5 c water + 2T
    3 eggs
    3T oil
    1t vinegar (Heinz white is GF)

    3 1/4 c brown rice flour
    3T sucanat (or other sugar)
    1.5t xanthan gum
    1.5t salt
    1 packet Red Star active dry yeast (this is the only kind that I know for sure is GF)

    Put wet & dry items in bread machine as instructed by bread machine (your machine will tell you whether wet or dry goes first). Set on 2lb light loaf or equivalent. I've had it turn out ok on the 1.5lb setting, too. Check during the first mixing to be sure the batter is wet enough. It should be smooth & a lot like cake batter after 5 minutes of mixing. If it isn't, add 1/2 to 1 Tablespoon of water, and check it again in a few minutes.

    This has turned out the BEST bread for us. We can slice it and make sandwiches. Everybody loves it, including Vespera, our resident food critic! ;)


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