Friday, January 04, 2008

New Sidebar List

And for a friend who was reading my library list a few weeks ago, I thought I'd create a list of our favorite children's books. We own many of our favorites (thanks to great thrifting & generous grandparents), and so they are not included on our library list.

So, here's for you, Friend...a list of favorite children's books. Check out my sidebar!


  1. Ah - what a wonderful long list. I'm sure it will totally help me next time I need to find a children's book for my nephew. I got him "A Dangerous Book for Boys" for Christmas. It's a huge thick book, but includes info on just about everything - from constellation maps to the game rules for baseball to pictures of insects and poems every boy should read... If I had a niece, I think she'd get it too! There is a companion book for girls, but not quite as cool (You know, it's girly;)

  2. We looked at both books & thought the one for boys was better! I'll bet he enjoys it his whole life long!


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