Monday, January 07, 2008

Very Last First Time

This week Mane and I are doing a unit study around the book, Very Last First Time by Jan Andrews, using our Five in a Row curriculum. For future reference, we refer to this as "rowing" a book. My guess is that we'll be on this one for two weeks - one week to study oceans & tidepools, another week to study the tundra & Inuit people.

Today we talked briefly about the tide. Did you know that in Northern Canada the ocean freezes on the top & people can walk around under the ice on the ocean floor when the tide goes out? That's what Very Last First Time is about. A little girl, Eva, goes out to gather mussels on the sea floor, and this is the first time she's gone alone. Of course, because it is the first time, there will never be another first time. Thus, the title: Very Last First Time.

Aside from "rowing," Mane & I worked on memorizing Luke 2:52, "And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and people." Just as Jesus was growing up, so Mane is growing up, and so Eva, in the story, was growing up.

And we cracked nuts with a nutcrackers, a LEVER, just as Eva used her shovel as a lever to pry the ice open.

We played Math War:

And, Mane practiced reading by taping words on index cards to objects all over the house!

It's been a busy day in the homeschool house. Hmmm...our homeschool needs a names. Thinking... Thinking...

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