Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Ocean & the Arctic

I have totally hit the jackpot in the last few weeks with books to go along with our homeschool lessons. As you know, we've been centering our lessons around the book Very Last First Time, and my plan was to study the ocean & the Arctic. We found two very cool books on just those subject, complete with experiments, projects & activities. Here's my shameless plug for those two books:

Awesome Ocean Science taught us to make rain in a jar & how to show that saltwater is heavier than freshwater! We also practiced fractions talking about how much of the earth is saltwater & how much of the human body is freshwater.


Let's Go To the Arctic tells a story of an Inuit family, and comes with activities related to animals and their adaptations to the cold Arctic climate, the arctic food chain, and the rotation of the earth! It also comes with patterns for some very cute paper dolls, which Mane is coloring clothes for as I type!


  1. Thanks for taking a peek at my blog every now and again. I agree, we seem to have a lot in common! I've thought about that a lot at Bible study with the music you pick, etc. It's fun to start new friendships in the blog world :)
    I'm so interested and impressed with the home schooling info. on your blog too. Great resources for other moms! Thank you,

  2. What awesome books! Where are you finding these? The library? Bookstores?

    Mane is playing with paperdolls? Makes me want to dig out our old ones.. ah. good memories.

  3. We're finding them at the library. The library is like a big huge gold mine!!

    And, YES, Mane is playing with paper dolls. Mango's mom got her some for Christmas, and they've been a big hit! And there are so many new "modern" methods for keeping their clothes on these days. I *did* dig out my old album of paper dolls and paged through them the other day. I laughed & nearly cried. What fun!!


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