Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ties that bind

Music continues to be the tie that binds us together in this least, it binds Mango & Vespera in a way that words and actions and gifts and all the other parent-child things never could. Music is the bridge between them, a powerful emotional bridge.

A few nights ago, after Mango got his guitar for his birthday, Mango & Vespera both took out their guitars and played together in the living room (while Mane played the xylophone and I made dinner). The tune was simple and sweet, as they are both beginners. Simple and sweet.

Another tie that binds? Food. Vespera made tamales for Mango for his birthday. Mango's reaction? "I never knew she liked me so much!" I cracked up. How can it be that this silliness is so totally true? If someone makes food for you, especially your favorite, time intensive food, it is such a true demonstration of affection.

I sent Vespera off with corn pancakes and sausages before she left the house the other night, and I felt so satisfied, so totally warm and content to know she had eaten some good food. Truly, I must be turning into Ma Ingalls.


  1. I love Ma Ingalls.
    And I love tying people together with music and food. Hence my joy at reading your words today. Thanks!

  2. Ah, both Mango and Vespera have guitars now? That's wonderful... Must be turning into such a musical home...

  3. Yep, Mango got his for his birthday, too!

  4. was vespera in on the plotting for it?

  5. Yup, she made a contribution! When we saw the after Christmas sales at Guitar City we all pooled our money!


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