Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today's Biking Update

We biked to Bible Study today (4 miles round trip), and I began musing about what it would be like to take a biking trip to somewhere with Mane. I mean, to actually go camping or vacationing someplace. There are lots of near and far suburbs, many along the river or near lakes. I figure that Mane could, potentially, bike about 12 miles in a day right now, maybe more, but we have to think about making it back home, too. By next summer, I assume she'll have more speed and endurance. I wonder if she could make it to 20 miles in a day.

I found a very cool looking website called Cyclopath that helps you find bike routes if you know where you want to go. It took some searching, but I actually found the link to Cyclopath on the Metro Transit website. Helpful people. It looks like it would be roughly 28 miles to the Baker Park Reserve Campground, which is park of the Three Rivers Park District . I can dream right? Nearly 30 miles is an awfully long ride.

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  1. My grandma-in-law uses that Cannon River Trail to bike south. I bet in not too long you'll be able to bike places with Mane - cool idea!


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