Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 30 - Bicycle Blog

2 miles today - to the clinic and to Target. I really, really didn't want to bike, and the car was staring me in the face. Mane was whining and fussing about leaving the house, and I almost offered to drive the car if it would make her feel better when she said, "Can we at least take our bikes?" To which I replied, "Of course, that was the plan all along." ;)

We spent a long and tiring weekend making trips to the hospital to see my uncle. He's fine now. The story is long and doesn't belong in this blog. In any case, we drove/rode in cars a ridiculous number of times to ridiculously close places because we were doing the hospital thing. I did, however, convince my aunt that 4 blocks is not really that far to walk for lunch. We walked the 4 blocks there and back, and I felt I had at least done something for the planet.

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