Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 20 - Bicycle Blog

Last week Thursday, Mane & I biked to the co-op. It was a bit of a disastrous day & I didn't want to talk about it. Mane was in a snit all morning about not wanting to wear sandals and not being able to find socks. It took us forever to get out the door. ...and when I walked out the door the car was sitting there staring at me, pleading to be driven. I knew this day would come when I would need to exercise a bit more will power to not get into the car. This is where I envy Mr. & Mrs. Bicycle because they don't have an option. Not having an option makes choosing to bike a lot easier. Either you go somewhere or you stay home. Anyway, I looked at the car, gritted my teeth and turned away. We would bike to the co-op. It didn't get any better just because I exercised a bit of willpower, though. Mane needed to stop every half a block to fix her hair and her helmet and her clothes and to scratch mosquito bites...or just to whine and tell me that Daddy didn't go this way when he took her to the co-op. I desperately wanted to scream and yell and cry, but I didn't. I prayed silently for patience to make it through the day and kept going. I was quiet. I must admit I wasn't very encouraging, but at least I didn't say anything mean.

In the afternoon Vespera asked me to drive her to class because she had more than she could carry on her bike or on the bus. So, I drove her to class & used the fact that I was already in the car to justify driving to the library. The library trip was actually pretty good. Mane was relatively happy, and I found all the things I was looking for to do a new homeschool unit next week. THEN we went to use the automated pay machine to pay for parking. The machine couldn't read my ticket and insisted that I owed $6,763.00. I had to call the parking attendant, who doesn't take credit cards & has to have exact change in cash (because everything is automated & he didn't have any change). I had to go back in the library to use the ATM to get cash. Then I had to go to the coffee shop to break the larger bills to get change for parking. They wouldn't break a bill uless I bought something. So, I got Mane some string cheese to make her stop whining, and we went back to the parking ramp. Everything was fine after that, but we swore never to drive to the library again.

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