Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Day 9 - Bicycle Blog

We walked a little over half a mile to the light rail station to go to the library today. I wasn't feeling like braving the downtown traffic with Mane again. Mane tried to make a case for taking our bikes on the light rail with us, but it sounded like too much hassle to me. We'll have to actually try it sometime to see how much hassle it actually is. If we can take our bikes on the light rail without too much trouble that will significantly increase our mobility.

In the afternoon we biked to the grocery store for some quick necessities and a Go To card for Vespera. That's about 2 miles round trip. Mane whined about getting out the door but talked all the way home about what a great day it was for biking! Earlier in the day she had been whining about the walk (instead of biking) to the light rail, and then commented all the way along the walk about the things you can notice when you're walking that you don't notice on a bike. She's as changeable as the weather on Lake Superior. Cold and windy one second, warm and sunny the next.

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