Thursday, February 27, 2014

Joy Dare - Feb 27

Today's Joy Dare Prompt:
3 Gifts Seen as Reflections
3 Ugly-Beautiful Gifts

My list (picking up from the last list - and often adding more than just the prompt):
587. When J. rides in the back of my car, and I smile at her through the rearview mirror
588. Any sunset over water
589. Candles on mirrors
590. That minivan
591. Scar from a good-news bone marrow biopsy
592. Winter in MN
593. The MN orchestra is back!
594. Recognizing the orchestra guest, Sedra Bistodeau, as someone I'd seen perform with her family many years prior! What a treat!
595. A busy day that went off without a hitch...minus the naughty little boy at the orchestra ;~) But he was so cute and funny it was hard to think of it as a hitch
596. Vespera coming home today!

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