Friday, February 14, 2014

Joy Dare on Valentine's Day

February Joy Dare Prompts (think of 3 gifts for each day - use prompts if you want!):
8. A Gift Broken, Fixed, Thrifted
9. 3 Surprise Gifts
10. 3 Times You Heard Laughter Today
11. 3 Gifts in Working
12. 3 Hard Eucharisteos
13. 3 Gifts Behind a Door
14. 3 Ways You Feel the Love of God

My list (picking up from the last list):
515. Oh, the oil lamp Mango gave me for Christmas the first year we exchanged Christmas gifts
516. That pink, screaming stuffed monkey from Wyoming...we fixed it so it wouldn't scream! Good memories from the trip to Utah!
517. A book by Sandage & Shults I found today! Yay!
518. Laughter - listening to TED talks online
519. Seeing a hummer limo on the street today
520. Finding chocolate wine in St. Anthony
521. Finding gluten free mole sauce at the co-op
522. Laughter - at the thrift store
523. Laughter - with Mane in my car
524. I meet so many people with so many kinds of jobs from so many different places at work
525. Sweet & sympathetic co-workers
526. Saw some great parent/marriage dynamics at work last weekend
527. Austin's shaved head
528. Levi playing guitar in the hospital
529. Deanna posting HILARIOUS things on facebook, despite all she's been through this year
530. Mane's poster
531. The wreath they made for me at Reuben Lindh before Mane was born
532. Fuzzy bathrobe
533. In reading the words of honest people
534. In the sunshine...oh, the gifts of sunshine in the hard winters of MN
535. In Shabbat

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