Tuesday, February 11, 2014

And so Begins February - Joy Dare

February Joy Dare Prompts (think of 3 gifts for each day - use prompts if you want!):
1. 3 Gifts Red
2. 3 Gifts on Paper
3. 3 Gifts Found in Writing
4. 3 Gifts Found When Bent Down
5. A Gift Hammered, Stitched, Woven
6. 3 Gifts Found Outside
7. A Gift at 11:30am, 2:30pm, 6:30pm

My list (picking up from the last list):
494. R.'s red blankie, which is actually a scrap of her mama's tshirt and always makes me smile.
495. Little red cell phone that has a headphone jack so I can use it like a music player!
496. Little red roo case for my tablet
497. Printed photos to hang on my wall
498. That moment of challenge and excitement when you first look at a blank page
499. Those little notes Vespera and I used to pass back and forth in a box in her room
500. Letters from T in a box under my bed from when we were children
501. Letters from Mango, filled with his love for me
502. The space in my own head I find when I write
503. The way a person's face calms when you bend down and get lower than them in order to talk or explain something
504. The room looks bigger when you get down low
505. You capture the warmth of the fire best when you stoop down in front of it
506. My kitchen table, built by my dad
507. The blanket C made for me
508. The coasters woven for me by Mane
509. Animal tracks in the snow
510. Miles of rolling, snow-covered hills in southern MN
511. The sunset when it's cloudy\
512. Often this is when T comes over!
513. Mane has swim practice!
514. Mango will be home!

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