Saturday, April 05, 2008

Spring Break 2008

After a most beautiful spring break we begin to turn our minds back to school and the last two months of hard work before summer...but not before an evening of listening to some hardcore worship music and thanking God that we have had these moments.

Monday was snowy, but the family gathered for a birthday party anyway. We made crispy tacos. Yum!

Tuesday found us at the Como Park Conservatory taking pictures, posing for pictures, watching tropical animals, and generally letting the tightness of life unwind. Tuesday afternoon we wandered through the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Highlights included the Japanese tea room and reading about how the Chinese scholars kept pet crickets. Oh, and the really, really old elevator!

On Wednesday we went to both Central & Washburn libraries for a homework & homeschool planning extravaganza. I checked out Spanish language learning materials for Mane and Portuguese CDs for Vespera. This will be her 4th language.

Thursday we took in the Minnesota Orchestra along with my friend's twin girls & their babysitter. Vespera & Novio celebrated their one year dating anniversary by making dinner while we went out to dinner someplace else. We came home to find the kitchen spotless & a candle burning brightly on the table.

Vespera & I went out for coffee/smoothies/breakfast Friday morning. My parents arrived home from a visit to Mexico & Utah. So, we picked them up from the light rail. And then we went rollerblade shopping for Vespera. Friday evening we (Mango, Mane, Vespera, Novio & I) had Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, and rode contentedly home listening to some of the world's greatest love songs.

Mango & I are in a groove. We've had a beautiful, connected, passionate, romantic week in the middle of all the outings and doings. And today we all got to open our hands and lift our faces to the sun. What could be better?


  1. "letting the tightness of life unwind"
    This is one of the best lines ever! It's what I hope to do tonight when my man finally returns home...

  2. You sure have a way with words. What a gift.

  3. I completely envy your lovely life.


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