Wednesday, April 09, 2008

And in case anyone is wondering...

I've said much here & there about talking with Vespera about relationships, dating & sex, but I haven't said much about how we've been talking about & introducing these things to Mane.

Mane has been SO super interested in both childbirth & human anatomy since she was a tiny little thing that she's known about where babies grow & how they're born since she was 2. She watched the birth videos for my childbirth classes right along with me and was completely captivated. Sometime last year we talked about eggs - like chickens & lizards & such - and related that to how she, herself, came from a different kind of egg. She's known about egg & sperm since then.

We've also talked pretty much all of Mane's life about how having babies comes after being married. She's been talking about her own babies almost since she could talk. So, we've said things like, "First you find a really nice guy. Then you get married. Then you have babies." She's figured it out on her own that life is easier with two parents. So, she talks about the things that are going to be her husband's job when she gets married (things like brushing her hair because she hates brushing her hair!). She once said that she was going to find a man like Jesus to marry.

So, the other day we took a leap & checked out Making Animal Babies (see sidebar) from the library. We are talking (again) about animal eggs & babies as part of our study of Make Way For Ducklings this week. (We studied the digestive system when we were reading Madeline a few weeks ago. So, this week our science studies are focusing on the reproductive system. I'm hoping to tie in most or all of the body systems in the next several weeks of school before summer.)

I have to say, Mane wasn't phased at all about the explanation of how the sperm & egg get together. She took it all in stride, little biologist that she is. Her favorite book on the planet is the Smithsonian book called Human: A Definitive Visual Guide. It's a GIGANTIC hardcover coffee table book. So, after we read the book about animal babies, she looked up the reproductive system in the Human book & compared notes. She was most impressed by the fact that baby girls are born with all the eggs they'll ever have in their lives. She's a cool kid.

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