Thursday, April 24, 2008


Today the three girls made yarn dolls, just as some of the pioneer girls made their own dolls because store bought dolls were expensive & not readily available. Then they looked at maps of the U.S. and traced the travels of the Ingalls family. We looked at a book with real photos of the Ingalls and their homes. It's so incredible that the Ingalls girls lived from the time of wagon trains to the time of airplanes. The times changed fast!

Other than that, the girls have had the tiny dollhouse items spread out all over the living room all day. Now they're playing in Mane's little tent in the dining room (since it's raining outside), and the play kitchen stuff is getting spread out all over my kitchen!

Lessons we're working on:
* asking for what you want, rather than complaining about it
* working things out without involving a grown-up all the time
* using "kind & loving" words with each other
* using "inside voices"
* using words to let people know that you've heard them

That's all folks!


  1. You have such great, creative ideas. I love that you are sharing them so that I can borrow them. I have trouble with engaging my boys - I guess they're young, but it's not a gift of mine. I'll need all the help I can get!


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