Friday, March 28, 2008

I just need to say...

I want to be clear (after those last 2 posts) that Mango & I didn't have a clue about how we were going to handle dating in our house until it was actually staring us in the face. Given that we weren't planning to have a teenager for a number of years yet, dating wasn't really on the radar. What *did* actually happen in our house evolved out of a mix of Vespera's personality, our life stories, values & education, and a WHOLE LOT of prayer. Sometimes those prayers were nothing but a whispered, "God, please help," before we took a deep breath & plunged into a conversation we weren't prepared to have. What has come out of this seems to be a contented relationship between ourselves and Vespera and a healthy "dating" relationship between Vespera & Novio. I want to say that I don't believe this happened by accident, but I don't think it's because Mango & I are so great, either. It's because we've been clinging to God for dear life through this whole thing, and, though we never seem to get direction ahead of time, God's guidance is there when we need it. The last few years have been a lesson in parenting by faith. I believe God uses the things we already know & the experiences we've had, but, ultimately this whole thing has been shaped & guided by God.


  1. your such a good mom! your kids will thank you latter for letting them grow with a bit of their own thinking.

  2. just a random sidenote:
    I stumbled across an interesting blog, didn't read much, but noticed lots of home schooling resources and links. Just an fyi for you :)


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