Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Extra Family

I'm living a new and much expanded life since last Wednesday afternoon. My best friend, who taught me to be brave and authentic in high school, who was the Maid of Honor in my wedding & I in hers, and whose children call me "Auntie" found herself in sudden need of child care until the end of the school year. So, here I am with her 5yr old twins & Mane all day long every day. Some moments I think I've lost my mind (or I'm going to soon). Other moments I can't believe how smoothly everything works when there's three of them. In all moments, I'm grateful for this opportunity. In some way, it's exciting to know we'll always have these eight weeks in our memories...the time her girls spent with Auntie & Mane. I am conscious that we're laying down memories, maybe a beautiful, differently colored patch in the tapestry of all of our lives.

Sometimes I sit here remembering them all in their smaller incarnations. I remember the first trip our families took together. I called to make reservations for the state park guest house, and the person asked me, "How many people?" I said, "Four adults and three one-yr-olds." She paused and then said something like, "Well, at least they're outnumbered." The next year was even more fun with three 2-yr-olds! And we sat around imagining them at 15, sleeping together out in the living room & watching movies.

It is good to have good friends.

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  1. Hi! Let me know what books you're reading about the whole "communal living" thing. I'm curious! Thanks!


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