Thursday, March 06, 2008

So Grateful

I am so grateful this morning for the lives of my children, for the strong, steady presence of my husband. I was reminded this week, again, of the fleetingness of life, and I need to take a moment to be thankful.

I am thankful for another day to see the big brown eyes of both of my girls,
to touch the warm hands of Vespera, to feel her thick coarse hair in between my fingers, to hear her voice murmuring in Spanish over the phone. I find that I frequently give thanks for their personalities, but today I am grateful for those things that are tangible: Vespera's fuzzy arms, her warm furry belly, the curve of her back, her dimple...Mane's honey hair curling down her back, her wiggly teeth, her small hands. I love to feel both of them throw their arms around me, snuggle into me for warmth and protection.

And my Mango. Mmmm...Mango. I am grateful to have another day to look into his eyes and see him, so steady and serious, so clear and playful. Today is another day to hold those warm hands, touch the curling hair behind his ears, stand cheek to cheek and heart to heart.

Today I am grateful to be human and to live with these other human clay creatures, to be in their physical presence, to touch them and breathe them in, to hear and see them. I am aware today of just how fortunate I am. And I know that this won't last forever. So, I commit today to walk gratefully through this time. God, make me attentive, let me live each moment fully, let me live gently and humbly in relationship with these precious people.

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