Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Journey Begins

Our number one concern about our travels to Mexico has been finding a safe place to stay. Generally I'm not one to worry about safety, but, let's face it, staying in a hotel in Mexico is decidedly less appealing than staying in a hotel in the States, unless you're in a resort town, which we most certainly will not be.

Fortunately for us, my parents were missionaries in Mexico for 9 years, and later they were missionaries at a Hispanic church in Utah. They have some connections. We were hoping to find people who could help us figure out where to stay or who might even offer their homes or their churches for us to sleep. So, my dad did some calling, and a pastor he knows recommended that they call a church in Texas that is affiliated with this pastor's church. So, my dad put in a call for us. It turns out that the church has a missionary couple in the town in Mexico where we'll be. The couple runs a school AND the school has a dormitory where we can stay!! Not only that, but the missionary couple said they would meet us on the U.S. side of the border and be our tour guides through the town and to the school.

We are totally just falling all over ourselves in excitement about this. First, it means we won't be staying in a hotel. Second, we won't be sleeping on some family's living room floor either. While this would be safer than a hotel, staying at someone's home is an inconvenience to the family and an extra stress for us. AND we won't be staying in a church, which would have us concerned about being alone and targets for robbery and vandalism. We could not imagine a better situation than staying in a Christian school dorm. God heard our prayers.

The journey begins.


  1. i'm so excited for y'all. such wonderful news. *hugs for everyone*


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