Thursday, January 22, 2009


Despite the rough afternoon, yesterday ended with sweetness and peace, and we all trundled ourselves off to bed around midnight, feeling relaxed and loved. Mango has his voice back, Vespera is feeling better, Mane has slept well for 2 nights in a row, and I am no longer overcome with anxiety...though I still apparently have a low grade fever.

It feels like finals week when we all just have to push through to the end. We have to give the last ounces of energy to be sure we've dotted all our "i"s and crossed all our "t"s in order to make the grade and be done. I remember during finals week in college the way that everyone's physical health seemed to decompensate, and mental health teetered on the brink. Even the computers seemed to have had enough - crashing and coming down with viruses. As horrible as it sounds, if I can think of this trip to the Embassy as finals week in college, I think I can stave off the tides of anxiety...or at least hold my breath and let the waves roll over me rather than drowning. It's just something we have to get through.

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  1. *big hugs* just wanted to let you know that i'm thinking of you all...sending lots of love and good thoughts your way...


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