Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Since I have been so uninspired to write lately, here's an excerpt from an e-mail I wrote about the trip I just took to Belize for a friend's wedding:

What did I think of Belize? Hard to say. I didn't see a lot of it...mostly just from the air. ;) I think it was what I expected. I knew it was small, though I had imagined Belize City to be bigger. I figured it would bear some similarity to Mexico, which it does. Having been a British colony doesn't mean a lot. Puerto Rico is technically part of the U.S., too, but it resembles many developing nations.

I had a few moments while I was there wondering what Vespera would have thought if she was there. Back home here in Minneapolis, it's impossible to miss the sharp contrast between the consumers (typically "white" people) and the service workers (often Hispanic). It's especially noticeable when we travel. So often hotels are filled with "white" people & staffed by minority ethnicities. Since I was, indeed, visiting Belize it totally makes sense that the service people (restaurant servers, housekeepers, etc...) would be Belizean & the tourists would be primarily Euro-American. I noticed the contrast, though, and it brought up some mixed feelings for me.

Belize is most definitely beautiful! I would love to see more, meet the people, listen to the music, eat the food. I'd like to go in further, to notice the differences between Belize and the surrounding countries. I was fascinated by the bits of history ya'll shared with me. ...and I wanted to see some monkeys!

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