Friday, May 23, 2008


Memorable moments from the last few weeks with the twins:

Story 1:
Twin B loves to sniff things. So, she sat in my lap the other day & started sniffing me. I said, "What do I smell like?" bracing myself for her response. (You KNOW how kids can be.)

Twin B said, "Like a WOMAN! A WISE WOMAN!!"

Thank you. You just made my day!! ;)

Story 2:
Again, Twin B said today, "Mane, you were our very first friend since you were at the hospital when we were born."

To which Mane replied, "And I miss you when you're not here." Aaaaaawwwwwwwww!

Story 3:
All three girls were in the car the other day discussing what they would play when they got together after not seeing each other every day, as they have been lately. (Yes, they are really planning ahead.) They decided they'd play baby bears. Twin A, always the realist, said, "Well, what if we're teenagers?"

Mane said, "It doesn't matter. We'll still play bears."

Twin A said, "What if we're 50. We'll be grandmas!!"

Mane very confidently replied, "STILL! It doesn't matter. We'll still play bears."

Twin B wholeheartedly agreed.

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