Monday, May 12, 2008

Mane's Dream

Mane told me she had a bad dream last night...because she was overtired - her words, not mine. LOL!

She told me she dreamed that she had to go away from me & live with someone else until she was 19. But, when she turned 7, she sneaked out on her birthday and found me crying under a tree. Then I took her home in a wagon on the Greenway, and we went to sleep on the couch together when we got home. Then, we woke up in the middle of the night, and, thinking it was ridiculous to be sleeping on the couch, we went to sleep in the bed, and when we got cold we woke up & put a blanket over ourselves.

What do you think about that one?!

Knowing that dreams come from what's going on in her head & not what's going on in mine, I have a harder time with this dream. It has, potentially, a lot of meaning for me...not sure what it means for her. I *think* it may be her brain processing Vespera's adoption. Vespera visits her birth family, and Mane knows some of the struggles associated with Vespera going back & forth between families. I think she's overheard us talking about it a lot lately, and I've been stressed about it. Hmmmm...

All too often Mane will start imaginative play about things I haven't talked with her about and that I know she hasn't overheard but that are strongly associated with things I've been thinking or reading. She sometimes also has deeply profound & spiritual things to say. I don't read a lot into it most of the time. I was caught off guard by this dream, though.


  1. Love the blog!! Can't wait to read more of it!! Thanks for hanging today with Twinkle Toes (TT) and I after the discussion!

  2. Good to see you here!! Thanks for posting!

  3. I think your idea makes sense. Is she really empathetic? It makes sense that she's processing. *nod*

    What a smart little gal you've got there! <3

    Love your blog! :o)

    Ash (gentlebirth)

  4. I just caught up on your blog (most of it), and just wanted to say hi. Very interesting thoughts on Mane's dream..... Hope to see you again soon!



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