Monday, February 04, 2008

My Creative Companions...

Another journaling exercise I found recently was to list my Creative Companions...the things that inspire creativity in me...

FAMILY...I know it's so generic to say that my family inspires my creativity, but it's just plain true. The people I live with every day inspire me to write and be creative. Of course, it helps that my family and my life are a little unusual. It's never dull or slow around here. I live in a house of perpetual motion, constant E-motion, events, studies, conversation, music...

COFFEE...I resisted coffee for a long time. All through college the only time I drank coffee was when Mango & I went out together. I don't think I actually used a coffee pot at home until after Mane was born. Then coffee became my creative companion. I love a good cup of coffee and a blank sheet of paper.

CRISIS...Yup, it's true. Crisis inspires creativity. Maybe crisis force us to think outside the box. Or maybe everything is suddenly sharper and clearer in a crisis. In any case, there's always something to say when I'm in crisis.

THE DARK...I can hear myself think better in the dark. If you read my comments on early mornings, you know I have a sort of romantic attachment to late nights.

WATER...Water is so healing, so powerful, so necessary, so ordinary. I used to get through homework by sitting myself down with a big glass of ice water. I got through childbirth in a big tub of hot water. Maybe it's something primal. Water is my creative friend.

FRIENDS...I have so many beautiful friends who challenge me to think, by their lives, by our conversation, by questions, by comments and criticism. They inspire me by their own creativity. ...friends from high school, from college, from Bible study, from GCM, from my neighborhood, and from my own family. ...But I already mentioned family.

MUSIC...OF course, who isn't inspired by music?

Languages, culture, photographs, camping, road trips, rocks, my garden...All of these have been creative companions at one time or another.

And my own writing...because as I sit here I am reminding myself of all the things to be mindful of...

OK, blog readers, it's your turn to leave your own list!


  1. What inspires creativity in me?

    I haven't really thought of that question before...

    When it comes to my work, a great story inspires me to be creative. If I have a wonderful story to work off of, then words tend to roll out of me.

    I'm always more creative - feel more vibrant - in the summer. Sun is life to me. In the wintertime, I find it so hard to find the words for any story - I have to pull them out of me.

    I agree that music is a fabulous muse – it sparks ideas and memories. I think best while driving with the radio blaring - do my best mosaics in my basement as music tangles with bits of glass and pottery and fairy stones.

    Pain also inspires me - at least to write poetry. It seems that I can only write poems when I am so loaded down...

    Color inspires me - color and images of blue skies or dandelions - yellow and orange and blue and green. When I do my mosaics, it's all about color. When I take photographs, it's about the contrasts, the hues, the shades. My life itself is inspired by colors.

    And thus my house also inspires me - with its bright yellow and deep red and calm greens.

    Water also inspires me. It slows me down, beats into me a rhythm that's not too fast and not too slow. It's the heartbeat of the earth itself. In the peace, I find words and thoughts. When I leave, I've grabbed onto a spark of life that stays with me.

    Speaking of rhythm, dance inspires me. A good, strong, steady beat I can move to.

    And wind, wind washes me clean. Leaves me open to inspiration.

    Love inspires me. Feeling blanketed by love. Without that, I could accomplish nothing.

  2. I'm in full agreement with many of the creative companions mentioned; family, friends, music,nature (especially trees and bodies of water)...
    But also,
    reading, good food, an intense conversation of any kind, church, and crowded places (mostly because I'm overwhelmed, have a little bit of a need to escape and therefore it provokes thoughts - like how each of the people in that crowded space has a story.)
    Oh, and long, hot showers. Oh! and long drives alone with my thoughts. Once again, I could go on and on...


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