Friday, March 09, 2007

Story Hour & Romance

I was scribbling away in my journal during bedtime story hour at the library last night. It made me laugh...the irony of it all. I've been contemplating writing poetry again, writing stories and wondering what form my writing might take. I've been particularly interested in what poems and stories about love and marriage would look like for me and if I could produce something readable. So, anyway, there I was at the library story hour with my 4yr old, calling up romantic and sensual images. Life has this strange way of being so real, so earthy, so practical. I love it. I love how it's all mixed up together - the sweet, the intense, the romantic, the ridiculous. It reminds me of Mango's Uncle's posts on the internet about caring for Mango's Aunt, who is dying from cancer. Life is so brutal, so painful, and yet so lovely. It is a jumbled web, with lines of the ordinary crossing lines of extraordinary regularly and unpredictably.

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