Thursday, March 29, 2007


Last night we read about Passover around the dinner table. We're working our way through a book called Meet the Bible, and, interestingly enough, we're reading about Passover right before Passover. I've been wondering lately how to talk to Mane about Passover and Easter. Up until this year, she seemed much to young to really grasp the symbolism. This year she seems to be able to hold onto bits and pieces. I realize with a small child in the house, how troubling the stories really are. Disturbing. Violent. Life in this world has never been easy, has always been filled with pain and grief, racism, discrimination, jealousy, betrayal. And God did not make Jesus immune to those things. He, although God, was subject to these very human things. My own heart, which is imperfectly compassionate, hurts over these stories. How much more must Jesus have felt the pain of the injustice of his people, the piercing of betrayal. A perfect heart much feel these things much more poignantly.

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