Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The Iditarod Race was won last night by Lance Mackey. He was wearing bib #13, as his father and his brother both were when they won the Iditarod. And he happened to win on March 13th! Hurrah for the number 13.

Jessie Royer continues. She is currently in 23rd place and has 2 checkpoints left between herself and the finish line. We talked the other day about the word "challenging." Jessie Royer described the trail this year as "challenging" in an interview at one of her checkpoints. Good word. We love words.

And we'll be moving on to some studies of St. Patrick's Day, as the day is coming up on Saturday. We're picking a video of Riverdance up from the library today and reading about shamrocks, which fits into our current study of plants as we grow out narcissus in the window.

Thanks for reading about our "doings." Be blessed.

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