Friday, March 23, 2007


I had my first draught of real sunshine yesterday. Mane & I built fairy houses in the yard after reading Tracy Kane's book Fairy Houses.

Funny story of the day:
We were building these fairy houses in the sunshine at the base of the elm tree in our yard, and Mane says, "Mama, do fairies still live here?"

Me: "Fairies are pretend."

Mane, being a very astute child: "Then why are we building houses for them?"

Me: "Because we like to pretend."

Mane: "Oh...yeah...we do." Completely satisfied with that answer.

After working on my fairy house for a while I pull up a camp chair and read a book while Mane satisfied herself with looking for bugs in the dirt. The sun was so fabulously, magnificently warm. The grass was sweet smelling and dry.

Oh, how I have longed for the sunshine. When I was in college Mango used to laugh because I would stop in patches of sunshine coming in the windows, close my eyes, and say, "I am photosynthesizing." Winter is hard on me. I struggle to keep perspective in a cold, gray world. I love the night. And I love the snow. But I love the balmy sunshine best. I am always glad the the longest night of the year is followed by Christmas. Thanks be for holidays that demand light and warmth and cheer to keep us from being buried under winter's chill.

Yesterday's balm of sunshine was followed up by a magnificent performance by the Soweto Gospel Choir. They were in the State Theatre downtown last night, and we got tickets through Project Success. I ran into two of my friends there, and I got to sit all alone with my sweet Mango while Vespera and her friends filled up the row behind us. It was a bit like a double-date, as Vespera brought along a young man as her guest. They met up with her other friends at the concert, but I couldn't conceal my smiles when it was just the four of us in the car. They chatted amicably in the back seat while Mango & I had out own conversation in the front. The car was full of laughter and talk. The two behind us fairly glowed at their good fortune of getting to go someplace together. They were both buoyant and delightful. And both looking their very best. Mango and I linked arms and walked ahead of them to the car, feeling young and contented.

But the choir...oh, yes, the choir, was incredible. I would buy a CD, but I don't know that it would do them justice. They way they dance and sway and use their bodies to communicate while singing is powerful. They were filled with passion & power. They brought down the house with their performance of Amazing Grace. And we honored them with a standing ovation, demanding an encore at the end. They appeased us with Oh, Happy Day.

And it was...truly...a happy day.


  1. One of my dearest friends is from South Africa and would tell me stories of Sowetto, I'm glad this was a happy story. It sounds like you guys had a wonderful evening.

  2. It was a wonderful evening. It was a little like listening to the history of South Africa through music, in their own language, in their prayers to God. As a gospel choir, their songs were all prayers...some of lament, some of hope, some of great celebration.

  3. it sounds wonderful, chica. how is it that i didn't know about this?


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