Friday, November 10, 2006

Music and Advent

Our lives continue to revolve around music. I feel as though I've made some kind of full circle in my life. When I was young, in high school and college, music infused nearly every moment of every day. I went to sleep playing music, even woke to turn it back on sometimes. Now, I am living with Vespera, who is young, in high school, and who spends hours upon hours steeped in music. And my life is filling with music again.

I walked out of the bedroom after reading Mane to sleep a few nights ago to find Vespera & Dh, each with one earphone from a shared headset, at the computer scrolling through itunes. Dh has always been a connessuir of music. His listening menu is broad - from the meaningful to the comical. And now Vespera listens to everything from The Sound of Music to Billy Joel and much in between.

Mane goes around singing Do, Re, Mi, and I Surrender All (that's from Amy Grant's Rock of Ages, if anybody wants to know)...and also the cherry cola song by Savage Garden.

So, now I'm in search of music for Advent, as a way to enrich our Advent time together this year. And, yes, folks, that means Advent is beginning soon! December 3rd is the first day of Advent this year. We'll be lighting candles and doing a Jesse Tree again. And maybe adding some music to the list.

Ok, so now Mane is sitting on my lap & I can't see the screen any more.


  1. Hey, we're here, like in the same state...We're at the parent's house and will be in the big city tomorrow...we'll call you!

  2. Your advent candles remind me of ours. *grin* And I like your Jesse Wreath so much.


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