Friday, November 03, 2006

Just to write

I'm writing today because I rather feel that I ought to. The writer in me believes that you need to squeeze something out every now and then even if you don't really know what to say. It's good practice.

I'm off for a weekend with the girls on Saturday. We're glazing pottery and spending the night in a hotel. I assume lots of other various and sundry things will be part of the weekend, too, as usual, but I have no idea what. Vespera is coming with this year, by popular request. They love her. I do, too, and I'm looking forward to the drive. Hopefully I can be quiet long enough to really listen. This is my goal. Be quiet. Listen. Speak when it's time and not before. I can't do it, really. I love to talk. And I so rarely get to hang out with my friends and there's always a million trillion things on my mind. I'll try, though. God help me. I'll try.

So, I thought about sending my Bible study ladies over here to read. Decided I was too radical. What if I say something offensive? The friends I'm hanging out with this weekend think I'm a rule follower. I laugh in my hands. Yeah, appearances are not everything.

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