Friday, November 17, 2006

Internet Screen Names

A word for anybody why still doesn't know... "Mane" is a Latin word for "Early Morning," and "Vespera" is a Latin word for "Evening Prayer." Mane is our beautiful morning sunrise, our first child. Vespera is the answer to many evening prayers.

I call myself MidnightCafe most places on the internet. It's a handle I started using when Mane was a baby and nursing all night long, and it stuck. The name reminds me of coffee shops with Dh late at night, of lying in bed on hot summer nights with a soft breeze coming in the windows and Dh and Mane breathing softly in their sleep beside me. It reminds me of walking silently through my house at night, feeling content and peaceful. So, that's the story of the internet handles.

...still looking for one for Dh, though...

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