Thursday, September 27, 2012

Starting with 165

It seems that my ability to live with intention is directly proportionate to the amount of pressure on my life. I suppose this is true for many people. I know it is common to find that the more one needs to get done, the  more efficient one becomes...and even more becomes possible. I know that, for me, when life is full of struggles, when the pressure increases, when the intensity is high, then my awareness is heightened. I am more intent and intentional. So, I find myself making longer and longer lists on scraps of paper of the things for which I am grateful. And I find more and more blog posts running around in my head just waiting to be written. I pay more attention to the beautiful. I respond more intensely to the beautiful. I am more fully myself.

More for the gratitude list:
165. My mom's tumors are shrinking.
166. Biscuits and gravy for dinner
167. Smart, thoughtful friends
168. Sunlight on the front porch
169. The time of year for opening windows
170. Candles on the fireplace mantle
171. Beeswax candles
172. Mane asking to keep going with her homework
173. Mane asking for more asparagus
174. Mango playing guitar since Mane is taking lessons
175. My parents sitting on the couch listening to Mane play guitar
176. Pink soccer shoes
177. Eucalyptus oil
178. Burdock Root
179. Hot tea, Hot bath
180. Epsom salts
181. Funny grammer mistakes! (Yes, I am grateful for them. They make me laugh!)

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