Sunday, September 23, 2012

Counting Gifts...Starting at 130

I've been compiling this list over the last week or so...carrying a scrappy notebook page around in my purse!

130. Our new homeschool co-op, where the big kids love the little kids and everyone has been so welcoming!

131. Guitar lessons for Mane!

132. Mane's Magical Worlds class (science in Harry Potter disguise)

133. Ballroom dance class for Mane!!

134. Used curriculum deals

135. Bubbly coconut water

136. Mane's orange socks

137. Homemade applesauce!

138. Comfy couches in the quiet room at our homeschool co-op

139. A great discussion about the importance of the arts

140. Mango's multi-colored denim jacket

141. Smiling, laughing baby

142. Autumn weather

143. Deciduous trees that turn color in autumn

144. Pumpkin recipes of all kinds!!

145. Meet-up with friends at Silverwood Park

146. Friends who like to cook

147. Swirly cursive handwriting

148. Minneapolis Institute of Art, where admission is FREE

149. Our itunes library full of music

150. Another meet-up with friends today

151. Coloring during a break at work

152. Grateful clients, who make my job so much easier

153. Big, huge bouncy exercise balls rolling around my living room

154. The hammock in the back yard, where I intend to spend some time tomorrow!

155. Fun learning a little bit of Hebrew

156. Fantastic chili on Friday night

157. Soup weather!

158. Books from the library book store

159. Finding great quotes ("Unless it's mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it is a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love should not be one of them." ~Unknown)

160. A husband, who loves me with Mad, Passionate, Extraordinary Love

161. An organized closet

162. Watching Miss Congeniality on the couch with Mango

163. An organized spice drawer, too!

164. We still have apples left!

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