Monday, September 01, 2008


We are finally all moved into our new house. Well, I mean, all our stuff is here, and I'm not sure how everything fit into a smaller house, as it doesn't seem to fit into this MUCH larger house.

I can't believe how much I felt the similarities between moving and childbirth. Maybe it's because I'm a childbirth educator that I see the parallels. But, first, there was the waiting. We knew approximately when we'd be moving but not the specific date. In the week leading up the the tentative date, I talked with my mother and my mother in law almost every day and assured them that I'd let them know as soon as I knew anything. When the time finally came, I called up my good friends, and everyone came over to help. At first it felt ok, and I was moving things slowly on my own & with my good friend, checking in with Mango,Vespera & Mane every now and then. Then, suddenly, a whole crew of help showed up so fast that I couldn't keep up. I felt swallowed by the process. There wasn't enough of me to go around because everyone wanted to know this or that or something else. Finally, my good friend & my mom told me to sit down and relax and they'd help me. My anxiety level was through the roof as the boxes kept piling up in the front room. I told Mango I didn't want to move any more, that the old house was just fine, that I wanted to close my eyes and have it disappear. Sounds oddly like what we call "transition" in childbirth, the point at which you're almost done, but things are so intense that you talk about quitting, about wanting to be done, about changing your mind about this whole birth thing, as if you could go back. Then came the last load of boxes, my good friend's husband got the beds put together. My mom and my friend helped me make the bed. Novio, who had been helping with the move went in to help Vespera through a similar crisis. Things slowed WAY down, and then everything was here. I still felt overwhelmed and exhausted, but as soon as everyone left I regained some focus and was able to empty a number of boxes and see how everything was eventually going to fit together. We had ice cream and went to bed. So, life in the new house began.


  1. Such a great analogy! I get it! I get it!
    I hope you have time to get organized and start to feel at home very soon.

  2. can't WAIT to see pics of the new place as it comes together....we settled on the sale of our NJ house this past friday, and are now in our PA home (boxes towering everywhere), so i can FEEL that 'transition' pain, girl!!

  3. Congratulations on selling your house!! I'll be thinking of you unpacking while I'm unpacking. :)
    I hope to post some pictures on GCM at some point. Everything just feels really new & different right now & I'm not sure what I think about it. I'm really happy with a couple of the rooms. The rest are a little iffy right now.


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